Claire is one of those rare people that one can only hope to meet in their lifetime. Quietly doing her work, she basically saves peoples lives as she saved mine. When I first came to Claire I was in desperate need of help, having come from a long line of therapists and psychologists more intent at looking at the clock and giving me textbook answers to my problems, Claire was the first one to point me to the truth of the matter.

Always generous with her time (and at an affordable level too), for the first time I felt like someone was finally hearing me and truly helping me. It has been a life changing experience meeting Claire, I always feel uplifted, safe, secure, confident and at peace when I leave her life affirming sessions.

Life throws a lot of things at us both good and bad, however working with Claire I have learnt to ride the wave of life with awareness and inner peace. Often I stumble and fall along the way but patiently she is there to help me pick myself up and carry on. I am truly grateful to have met such a loving, quiet and enlightened being such as Claire, I cannot recommend her enough.