Let the ugliness of unkindness in others impel me to make myself beautiful with loving kindness, and may harsh speech from my companions remind me to use sweet words always.
– Paramahansa Yogananda

Hi, I’m Claire

Make gentle but profound transitions in your life with Claire, a spiritual councillor with many years experience. Learn how to move beyond your conditionings, belief systems, opinions and projections to make paradigm shifts in your consciousness.

Find clarity, direction, empowerment and allow yourself to access peace and joy in your life and move beyond struggle, finding love and compassion for yourself and others as you work with Claire who has an open heart in a sacred and safe place.

How Can I Help?

I will gently guide you to find your authentic self, to grow stronger with self belief and confidence, and move beyond your limitations and obstacles.

Why do we do inner work?

As we transform our life changes and what we attract to us changes as we let go of struggle and access peace and joy.

Who is it for?

Anyone who wants change in their life.

Private Consultation

Available online or in-person at her premises in Perth, Western Australia, Claire is available for one-on-one sessions 6 days a week. Whether you are beginning your journey or continuing on your path to joy and self-discovery, Claire is ready to lend an ear and offer personalised guidance to any client.



Claire has been privileged to conduct workshops locally and around the world at the invitation of individuals, social groups and organisations. If you would like to host a workshop, or are looking to attend one locally, Claire is open to enquiries all year round. Workshops can be arranged for both small and large groups.

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Resources For You

Continue your journey at home, in the car or wherever you feel most at ease. Often available in limited runs, Claire offers a range of tools to use when alone or with friends. A client favourite is her series of meditation CDs, produced with the help of award winning Perth musicians.


A Few Words From My Clients

Tommaso Pollio, Western Australia

‘…for the first time I felt like someone was finally hearing me’

Claire is one of those rare people that one can only hope to meet in their lifetime. Quietly doing her work, she basically saves peoples lives as she saved mine. When I first came to Claire I was in desperate need of help, having come from a long line of therapists and psychologists more intent at looking at the clock and giving me textbook answers to my problems, Claire was the first one to point me to the truth of the matter.

Always generous with her time (and at an affordable level too), for the first time I felt like someone was finally hearing me and truly helping me. It has been a life changing experience meeting Claire, I always feel uplifted, safe, secure, confident and at peace when I leave her life affirming sessions.

Life throws a lot of things at us both good and bad, however working with Claire I have learnt to ride the wave of life with awareness and inner peace. Often I stumble and fall along the way but patiently she is there to help me pick myself up and carry on. I am truly grateful to have met such a loving, quiet and enlightened being such as Claire, I cannot recommend her enough.

‘…a prominent part of my life for over 20 years.’

The spiritual guidance and meditative work of Claire Chmela has been a prominent part of my life for over 20 years.

Claire has taught me the meditative tools to find peace within myself and the world around me, even in the darkest of times, to see and make the best of every situation, no matter how challenging, and to tackle every hurdle that life offers, with self-belief, inner-strength and spiritual awareness.

Claire’s gifts are so varied, which she so generously shares with all around her and I feel incredibly fortunate to have her in my life.

Melanie Millse, New Zealand

Laurie Carbone, Western Australia

‘…she has been a true guiding light’

Meeting Claire was one of the biggest blessings in my life. From the first time I met and spoke to her I could tell she was very genuine, compassionate and wise.

She has supported me over many years and always been patient and understanding. Her wealth of experience as a spiritual counsellor has helped me through some very challenging times and she has been a true guiding light.

She walks the talk and her clairvoyant/intuitive abilities are a gift she uses to help empower people. I know I can always trust her and always feel cared for and supported by her. She is very generous with the amount of time she will spend to support you and I can honestly say she has become one of the most important people in my life and will always be.

I don’t think I could really thank her enough.

‘…supportive teacher, mentor and friend’

Claire has been the most inspiring and supportive teacher, mentor and friend.  Claire has been guiding and caring for me for the past 16 years, and I feel extremely blessed and grateful to have her in my life.  Claire has also guided members of my family, and I feel we are all better people for it.

Her constant love and understanding as well as her ability to fairly point out what needs attention or change, without forcing her opinion on me nor telling me what I want to hear but rather trying to show me a better and easier path to a peaceful and more desirable as well as more effective outcome.  

I thank her with all my heart!

Sara, Western Australia

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My Inspiration

My inspiration is the joy of life and the peace I have in it. I am inspired by simple things such as acts of kindness, the beauty of nature  and animals, thoughtfulness and loving and forgiving people.

My son, family, friends and my dog Billy give me great joy and happiness. The many blessings that have been bestowed upon me in my life and Gods love.